About The Firm

Paternoster Farnell & Grein, LLP is a Portland, Oregon law firm with an emphasis on policyholder insurance recovery, complex business/commercial litigation, and business transactions. Whether the client’s need is in business and corporate, estate planning, insurance recovery, litigation, probate, real estate, or tax planning, our talented attorneys are ready to help solve the problem, or avoid it. We are committed to a team approach, always with an eye toward the client’s overall goals. We differentiate ourselves by providing efficient and responsive legal services, coupled with legal acumen and creativity developed over decades.

Our History

As young lawyers working together at a Portland law firm, David Grein, Mike Farnell, and John Parsons quickly became trusted colleagues and fast friends. Noting their complimentary skillsets and shared goals of providing exceptional legal counsel to their clients, they decided to combine their developing practices within that firm. Although David, Mike, and John did not realize it at the time, this was the beginning of Parsons Farnell & Grein, LLP. The three spent several years practicing law together and spending time together outside of the office with their young families, enjoying the wonders of Oregon. When faced with the opportunity to form their own firm, they did not hesitate to take it. Parsons Farnell & Grein, LLP started with three partners and three associates in 2003. Within a matter of months, the firm added four more associates and has continued to grow since then.  In 2007, Chip Paternoster joined the firm and has made substantial contributions to its growth and its success. The focus of the firm, then and now, is the delivery of creative and efficient solutions to their clients’ needs.