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To Our Valued Clients & Business Partners:

Parsons Farnell & Grein, LLP has been monitoring and continues to monitor the impact of the COVID-19 virus. Our firm has taken and will continue to take all proactive measures recommended to prevent the spread of the virus within our work environment. Our priority is the health and safety of our employees, clients, and vendors.

We are prepared to continue our operations throughout the duration of this unprecedented public health situation. Our office has made the transition to having our attorneys and staff work remotely as needed and we assure you that we will remain fully operational in the event our office must close.

Our attorneys and staff are able to help you as we have in the past. We have procedures in place to do just that and are committed to assisting you and other clients while we wait out the disruption caused by the pandemic. As always, we appreciate your continued trust and confidence in Parsons Farnell & Grein LLP.

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